I was looking for the wrong "Being" all along...


Yes, we all make mistakes after all… I was indeed looking for the wrong “being” all along…


When I came to this planet, the most intriguing thing I found was “God”, the invisible entity that people have somehow managed to extract into an idea and built the whole kingdom of religion around it. Clearly, it’s not easy being a God nowadays. All those people who could do some sort of magic existed in the past… way back in time and their magic gave them the designation of Supreme Being. Now, no such people exist (though I wonder why) and there is no way for anyone to get to that designation. I have tried it and believe me it is frowned upon. So basically, the “extreme future” generations of this planet would have to study their “extreme past” to understand what God is. But, would they be willing to do that?


Well, I don't know about them but I gave my best to find out the exact definition of God. The conclusion is - It has changed over time and even today no one person could give me the exact same definition. Every individual has formed their own understanding of God and more than 95% of the population follows the beliefs around God and religion as per their own convenience. 


Then I realized, what’s the point of it all? I am never going to understand God this way. How about starting with understanding the creatures (only creatures) that talk about God… Human Beings. How do humans define “human being”? And so, I went on my quest to find out the same.


Here are some mind-boggling responses: (Sharing the gist)


Least common:

·     Humans are the only beings capable of intellectual thoughts.

·     We are the only creatures who can think about the future and have imaginations.

·     Maybe the only species who can dream

·     We are still trying to figure out what our life’s purpose is.

·     Homo-sapiens evolving to become better everyday


Most common: 

First of all, what surprised me more in the two most common responses was that they were completely contradicting each other. They are as follows:

·     We are the most highly intelligent species on this planet or probably in the known universe.

·    Humans are dumbest of all species who are building the “safer and technologically advanced future” only to destroy their own existence.


Not to mention, some of them seemed really angry how humans, in general, were performing on Earth. And I completely agree with them. Isn’t it true? Just think about it. What would be your response? 



The way humans define their species tells a lot about them as an individual but at the same time their responses show how big this division is. This is the area of concern, my human pals. Believe it or not, the world is not divided how it used to be divided before… not like in 90-10 ratio or 70-20-10 ratio.. Humans are now divided into almost 50-50 ratio in almost every aspect of life. Think of voting result of Brexit (49-51) or US elections results or voting in US senate over different matters (forget 49-51, most of the times Speaker of the House had to break the tie) but these are just few small examples in front of what could happen when it comes to making decision for saving humans and their humanity… imagine people being divided 50-50 while answering to the question - Is the world becoming better place to live in?


Though I learnt so much more than what I initially went in search of. Coming back to the main quest, all I can say is - Human beings who don’t even understand their own existence… about “being human”, can they really certify the existence of God?


Hope humans realize it soon enough… that we all make mistakes after all…


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