That "Virtual Line" between Morality and Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech -  a right of every human being on this planet.

Then what could be so appalling about it that some humans have not been given this basic right? As per what I have observed so far, I could filter it out to below two possibilities:

1.) Those autocratic rulers (that's what I call them) are afraid of what people might say about them/their work.
2.) People don't stay within the boundaries of communication etiquettes and say things that might be hurtful/offensive to others.

I won't say much about those autocratic rulers, you already know what they are doing. What I want to talk about is those people who have this basic right and share the collective responsibility of free speech but they are doing something that is taking this right away from them... maybe very slowly but it is happening.

So what is it that these people are doing?
Well, in simple words, they are taking morality out of the words they speak.

I know there is always a question about how do we decide what's moral and immoral when people have freedom to express their feelings. I understand it is difficult to classify what is right but an individual speaking such words would know in his heart whether he is being immoral or not and this is the key point... a point where his eligibility for his right to free speech gets decided.

If you go back in time, people fought for basic rights because their words gave clear message of what they were trying to express while having deeper meaning and soul to it. And when they fought, people heard them for the right reasons. Imagine if federalists and anti-federalists had fought for new US constitution while using abusive language with one another. Do you think first amendment would have come into effect? We are talking way back in time here - 1700s when people had just started getting over words like, 'thee', 'thy', 'thou' etc.

Fast forward it to present and compare it with those days, you will realise the way people talk/communicate nowadays has changed so drastically in last couple hundred years that if someone had to time travel and switch places, the first barrier for him/her would be to get along with the tone of language. Moreover, with the advent of online platforms, the liberty that people have in expressing their anger, emotions, feelings with as many hateful words as they can under the safe umbrella of fake profiles is reaching another level. Is this what 'Freedom of Speech' meant when it was included in the first amendment?

No, it didn't.

Sorry to break your bubble but Freedom of Speech does not mean having a right to say any irresponsible thing you want to say. In fact, irresponsible use of anything never worked in favour of anybody.

Let me give you one little example:
A debate was going on on one of the online platforms, people were commenting/discussing on the book - Living with the Gods (on one of its chapters). It was a healthy discussion and everybody was putting across their point of view but then later on, one person commented - "I am joining this s***show just to add..." and then he wrote few things which were inappropriate. 

Why did he have to write that word in such a meaningful conversation that was going on?
If somebody were to ask him this question, he will justify it by saying he lives in a democratic country and he has a right to say whatever he wants to say but he does not have even an inkling of idea that by doing this he is getting reported. I don't know if his account got blocked but he definitely was blocked by many people who were part of that conversation. 

Because of such behaviour, social media platforms have become stringent now. They can block individual's account if they find it spreading hateful content.
Now even governments have started monitoring and putting controls over what people talk and promote around the world.

Does it ring any bell? 
It's the time that has come to take your 'Right' away. Whether you open that door or not, your 'right' will eventually go right out of the window if you fail to bridge the gap between morality and the words you speak.


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