Well!!! Fear Indeed Does The Trick...

Many people asked me how come I am not sharing my point of view about coronavirus pandemic that has disrupted life of people on Earth? What's my point of view? Well, here I am!! While people were sharing their thoughts/opinions on social media (funny as well as sad), I was observing the most important thing: How humans behave under the fear of something. And after talking to a lot (literally, a lot) of people, I came to the conclusion:

Yes! Fear indeed does the trick.

Take this for an example:
Since last so many years, climate activist have been shouting at the top of their lungs that we need to step up and take some actions about the climate change, it is reaching at its tipping point where this damage would be irreversible but many people kept calling it a hoax or did not pay any heed to it. Now all it took was one virus to work its way in the benefit of the environment. Just because everyone is scared for their lives, they have shut almost everything, they are keeping themselves safe just because they could see the consequences in the near future but when it comes to saving the planet, it seems so far sighted that people cannot feel its importance in their lives.

Not just that.. come to think of it, there are many other examples that are part of your day to day activities which you do out of fear without even realising:
from most basic things like using disinfectants at home out of fear of germs, washing your fruits/vegetables before eating/cooking, trying to reach your office on time, completing your home work, meeting the deadlines to dreadful things like remembering birthdays and anniversaries because you fear you might hurt your loved one and consequences may be dire.
Above are just few of the many examples.

To be honest "Fear" is quite underrated and is unnecessarily frowned upon. But maybe it is not such a bad thing. Person who fears actually stays more alert. The only question is how accessible your fear is to others? And this is what my observation was all about which made me see something even beyond human behavior... their belief system:
Note: I am not going to talk about any specific individual / community or religion here because I have learnt over the period of time I have spent on earth that it hurts people's emotions or offends them. I don't know if the discussion was sad or hilarious, I will leave that on you to figure out.

When I spoke with some religious people from different communities about this pandemic, they first started reading me some lines from some ancient books that said that this pandemic was pre written or it was destined to happen. I, then probed further: Now that all those religious places are shut, how do you feel about God being the savior and about such places not open to them anymore where people would run to in times of distress?

Gist of the responses was: Maybe it is God's will. That is how God wants to protect us.

My next question: Alright! So what would you say about so many people dying? Is God not protecting them?

Now this response gave me a feeling that ground beneath me was about to get shattered - "People who have committed sins in their lives are getting punished."

But you know what? This statement could easily become baseless if there was no-one to follow it. The sad thing is; people do follow it. It is so easy for people to fall prey to these words because the idea of being innocent in the eyes of God makes them feel so good about themselves and they would second this sinful thought of those preachers that people who get affected must have committed sins.

But is it really true? Are all those people who are safe and alive are really innocent?

The ground beneath me was still intact though. What shattered it was the another side of this story:
Another group of such 'religious people' responded to my question about people dying and God not protecting them was: God is always protecting his children, in fact good people die first because God calls them to his abode for being a good human.

Okay, I would agree that there can be different responses to one question, but how come two answers being completely opposite do not make you question the preaching of such preachers? Maybe there is no answer to this, only the opinions formed based on the ideologies. After all, the questions revolving around Religion / God in itself are based on ideologies and not the facts. 

Isn't it funny how people get accustomed to the idea of something based on how convenient it is for them? We say humans are divided by their religions / caste / communities.. but the root of such division is actually their thinking...

Maybe that's how the idea of religion also spread out... by establishing fear among people that makes them blindly follow what their religion says. Well!! Whatever the case is, this worked out pretty well for those creators (of religions / of coronavirus) because they knew that fear always does the trick... and the root of such fear is...

...giving someone access to influence your thinking.

Random conversation with Billei:

Human: Hey Billei, so you think this virus was created?
Billei: Everything in this world is created. Be it intentional or accidental. 

Human: Do you feel it was intentional?
Billei: Well, I don't want to leave out the possibility of it being an accident.

Human: What is your opinion about other countries blaming China. Do you think it will lead to a war?
Billei: War with China? You are definitely underestimating China. It is almost at the verge of becoming spine of the world. Other countries have to understand that war using weapons will not help anyone. First and the most important step is to become less dependent on China who is the major exporter of goods ('major' is an understatement by the way). For this, countries have to start manufacturing those goods on their own land or import those goods from other ally countries. As far as blaming is concerned, even China should take the blame on itself irrespective of whether it was intentional or accidental.

Human: The way you talk against religion and God seems like you are an atheist. 
Billei: Hey, only humans can be atheist. I am just an alien who is trying to understand how this world works. While I find religions very fascinating but at the same time it is very confusing. Everybody here has a different definition of God and you know what? Even an atheist has a particular definition of a God that he/she doesn't believe in. That's crazy. On the top of that, whenever I ask somebody why God has been given a masculine form, why God is addressed as "he".. why not "She"? Either I get a straight response "because God is male" or some diplomatic people give me an answer, "God does not have any form.. neither masculine nor feminine". But not even once have I heard anybody saying God is female (Except Ariana Grande's song "God is a woman").
I still remember one guy's response.. "God does not have any gender, he is Genderless". Come on now!!!

Stay Safe


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