Earth Day 2020 - A Stubborn Little Kid Is Awake

It feels likes Earth has turned into a little kid who, if does not get what he wants, turns the whole world of his parents upside down and ensures his demands are fulfilled.

Humans are so funny. To show they care about something, they make the whole world know about it and when it is well known, they go back to being themselves... careless. They mark few days in a year as important as their life depends on it.. like Earth Day, Independence Day, Birth Day etc. But does anybody really care about the planet the way it really needs caring? Are people really independent? Do those who throw big birthday parties really believe they are making a contribution on this planet that makes their existence worth celebrating?

I think Earth came to know about Humans' agenda... as if their masks were off... so this planet decided to make them wear masks they truly deserved. Not just that, it also said "While you have your masks on, how about I also give you a little time to contemplate about what all you have done?" and then it made humans sit at home while the planet went into its recovery mode.

But the question is, are humans really doing the home work? Well!!! Some of them are and that's a good news. Even though it's not enough, but the sense of realisation that is spreading among people brings back the hope that humans are not that careless. The extent of damage that is done can be seen with the way Earth is reviving itself. The results are right in front of your eyes and they are telling you that planet doesn't see your colour, race, religion, your political point of view.. it treats everybody the same.  

But on the other side there are few who are least bothered about this pandemic. It tells a lot about human emotions and how they are changing with time. I was told by my friend that every generation on this planet has seen something disastrous on a global level. I told him you can't say something like this as if it is a normal thing. He replied with a shrug, "But, that's a fact". Then I recalled words of Elon Musk that he said in one of his interviews, "Earth's destruction is inevitable" but honestly speaking, I still have hope for planet Earth that it will find its way to be safe somehow but the rate at which human emotions are getting destructed, it seems difficult for them to come out alive... and still be humans.

Doesn't it raise your eyebrows to see that humans adapt to a common approach or behavior very quickly under adversities but when everything looks hunky-dory, they go out of their way to make it go haywire? Take it as a punishment or an opportunity that has been given to you to review your priorities, because it will probably be a last chance. It is time when everybody should take a stand against all those activities that are harming this planet and the life on it. Keep spreading the awareness until it is recognised at a collective level. Know that everything in this universe reciprocates. So, on this Earth Day, I urge every human to come together and adopt a common goal of "Saving Planet Earth". Needless to say, it will give you beautiful things back in manifolds and if you believe you are worth those things, take some efforts everyday to make this magnificent Earth happy again...

Because you are living on the planet.. the only known planet that sustains life.



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