Happy Fourth of July!!!

I am not from America (if you know what I mean!!!) but oh boy!!! it's a fourth of July... Do I want to shout "Happy Independence Day"?... out loud?... Yes!!! I Do.

Finland might be the happiest country in the world but believe it or not there is something electrifying about America.. there is something electrifying about the word "American". Papua New Guinea may be the most diverse country in the world but nothing can beat the diversity of thoughts and ideas that Americans hold. China may be the most populous country in the world, but have you seen the crowded life of America? (and I am so not talking about Wyoming). America, a country that always attracts brilliant minds who eat, drink and breathe only one thing... how they can change the world?

From the Declaration of Independence to Donald Trump... this country has paved a long way to different versions of Independence and not to mention, it has played an extremely significant role in this fast changing world. With every blink of an eye; you hear or see something happening in the world which 90% of the times is the byproduct of decisions/actions that are taken on the land of America. And after all, why not? Let's not forget that America is rich culturally (talk Las Vegas), it is rich politically (talk White House and the administration), it is rich financially (talk Wall Street), it is rich technologically (talk Google), it is rich futuristically (talk Elon Musk)... what else a country wants? Do you know what a country wants? It wants to remain insatiable. And again, nobody can beat America in this. (Yeah!!! I know China is doing good but come on, you know America)

Well, all said and done but the current version of Independence that people are enjoying is framing each and every moment that is taking place in this country now. I hope, people of America keep holding on to those moments when it fought for the liberty that gave its people the freedom they deserved... a freedom to choose what's right and what's wrong, a freedom to act, a freedom to react, a fight that brought them together as humans, a fight that gave them freedom of speech and they could call themselves proud "American". I hope they carry those moments in their heart before they take any step while trying to change the world.

Oh and especially the kids... my favorite kind of Humans... the future architects of this world who are watching/observing the fireworks and the celebration happening around in their country on this Independence Day... I hope they value those family reunions and I hope they value those wishes that someone is sending across from other part of the country and even from space, just because they couldn't be with their friends and families. 

These are my wishes from across the other part of this world to you my dear kids.. 
I know sometimes it all looks messed up.. I know it's crowded out there.. but so is the world.. and hey!!! so is the universe... but it's only you who has to figure it out.. no other specie will do that for you. There are going to be those times when you would want to run to your room and curl up in your bed, not wanting to talk to anybody and when your mom/dad asks you "what happen?", you would want to say "Nothing" while still hiding in the blanket.. and you know what? that's ok... but just be true to yourself and acknowledge that something has happened. Take your time to figure it all out and when you do... maybe then have a quick catch up with your mom/dad/sister/brother and fill them in on your struggle and your very own fight for independence. Believe me... it's always better to share and let someone else share the burden of your thoughts. Keep your head held high and seek for those things that help you add value in whatever you do.. and what you do should add value to your life, to the society, to the world and just remember, you have to have fun while figuring it all out. Never miss out on that last part.

Happy Independence Day!!!


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