Forget about Earth… It’s the World that is Flat!!

I am talking about one of those moments in your life; when you believe it in your heart that you have a strong point about something but you still can’t prove it. Either you have tried everything or you know there is nothing you can do about it. My friend, John (let’s call him by this name) recently had such a moment in his life and he shared this story with me when we were arguing about whether earth is flat or is it round. There is one thing about such arguments… you may not come to the conclusion; but you definitely get some kind of revelation that is completely unrelated to the topic.

John, a lazy guy who has a hobby (he loves gardening), works 9 to 5 and listens to music like it is the solution to all the problems. Well, in a nutshell, he is just like every other human. There is nothing so special about him but what I found special was the story that he told me about his nephew who came over to his place for a few days. That 6 year old had mastered the art of talking while looking down at the cellphone screen. After a while, John realized that his nephew was not talking, he was only responding to his uncle’s questions. “How to take his attention away from the cellphone?”, John thought. He knew he could not just snatch it away; it would be like volunteering himself to be in his nephew’s hit list. So he thought he should gradually shift his attention.

“So you like watching TV honey?”, John asked, taking a TV remote in his hands.
“I do… sometimes”, the response.
“What do you like to watch?”
“Racing, Basketball, WWE… whatever is on”, the response.
“Oh really? Do you play basketball?”
“Yes”, serious response.
John could hear the siren “Maximum questioning limit reached”. He still took the risk.
“When do you play?”
“Anytime, in my tab” response with a “duh!” look.
He sighed. Could he ask anything more than that? It was like a dead end for John. He switched channels and saw "Tom and Jerry" was on. John shouted with excitement, “Oh look!!! My favorite cartoon is on… I love Tom and Jerry”.
His nephew looked up (most likely because the game he was playing was over), “Yeah, I have seen it”, a very manly response.
“Do you like it?”
“Yeah, it’s ok”, a very geeky response.
“Come on!!! It’s very funny. Let’s watch it”
He saw it for a few seconds and responded to what was a really funny scene,
“Huh!!! It’s so stupid. I want to play fortnight on the play station” his uncle heard these words while laughing on that scene and all of a sudden his laughter stopped. Don’t know about the kid but his uncle’s attention was completely shifted.

Yes, it was a big revelation. “Laughing their heart out without judging any event is what kids are supposed to do”, John said to me. His heart broke into pieces when his nephew failed to enjoy the most entertaining show ever built for kids. He was more focused on winning the games ‘all alone’. From then onwards, John realized that it is not just his nephew but when he started observing kids around, he could see the seriousness on their face like even when they did not have a tablet or phone in their hands… in their minds; they were still thinking about the game they were playing… forming strategies to play even better next time and win… ‘all alone’.

And when he shared this story even I started observing the same thing happening around me. Kids carry so much of seriousness within them these days… oh!!! The burden of winning on those little shoulders, those tired eyes and the stressed out minds.

“This is indeed one of the scariest things in the world… kids not laughing at the stupid things”. Can we find a way out of it? Can anyone pause everything around them and make the kids watch the beauty of stillness with that “Woahhhh!!!” factor like when Tom is quietly waiting for Jerry to come out of the hole, peacefully enjoying the moment of silence and then Jerry comes from behind with his mousetrap placing it on Tom’s tail and then “woahhhhhh!!!”. But our kids are not there to see Tom’s funny reaction. Well, even if they do, would they laugh like we did?

Hmmm… something to ponder upon. A flat reaction on our kids’ faces makes us realize that this world now is indeed flat.


Hey!!! by the way.. the Earth is round.


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