World’s Wild Web… and it’s not a typo error

Could there be a better time for me to be on this planet? I don’t think so. Coming from the planet where everything is so much in sync and organized; to a planet that is so mind bogglingly chaotic. Believe me, I am saying this in a good faith of Earth.

Organized is boring, being ‘in sync’ is boring.. Look at this world from my eyes; you will realize how fascinating it is; (by the way… fascinating is the new confusing… I learnt it when I was at an art exhibition the other day and this guy in a suit with his girlfriend by his side looked at this abstract painting that had two white horizontal lines on the colorful background and said.. “Wow!!! How fascinating)

So here is what I find fascinating…
On one side, you see people who give facts about earth being round and on the other side; there are people who have created a flat earth society.
You will find people who are extremely concerned about global warming and then there is another set of people who call it a big fat lie.
A planet, which is 71 percent water, has people living in water scarcity and where only few percent of available land is getting utilized for cultivation has people wasting so much of food (daily) that ‘food wastage’ has become a global issue.
People say war is no good and then there are countries enhancing their military weapons.
Some people give importance to emotional quotient, and then there are some who have made “artificial intelligence” a life’s treasure.
Some want to stay single while some are desperately looking for a partner (well, wanting to get married is secondary).
At some places taking drugs is a crime while some areas are legalizing the same.
For some, immigrants are good for the country’s economy while for some, they have caused so much brain damage that it had to be given a term “Xenophobia”.
There are people who are struggling and working day in and day out to get a decent college degree, then there are college dropouts who are either CEO/Founder/Co-Founder of ultra giant companies.

Well… this chaos list is too long and I don’t even want to start on God/s and religions but I am sure you got the gist. I am learning so much here but I don’t know where to actually stop and focus. Sometimes I feel like just being an observer because I know that every next moment I will find a new fascinating thing to look at. It’s funny and scary at the same time and this dangerous combination is keeping me from becoming a part of this planet.

In this wild web, the only living being who is playing the role of a spider is “Human”. 

Humans… the only species who were able to survive on this planet the longest are now struggling for their survival. I don’t blame them; they are just playing a role after all. Their true self is what I like about them. Deep within they all hold hundreds of different kinds of emotions… a true characteristic of these species. Emotions that are so well embedded, it feels like one person is an extension of another human being. 

What they are yet to realize is that all of them are holding some hope for better tomorrow… unknowingly together.


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