Journey - Part 2

Before coming to Earth, I had my doubts. I didn't know what I will do here but exploring it day by day, all the confusion that builds up in my mind eagerly seeks it's way out to resolve itself. Now I feel like I want to know... I need to know. There is no specific reason to know but still there is stubbornness in me that wants me to know. Later I realised, this stubbornness is called curiosity that was passed on to our generation on our planet. 

I was holding my journal, pen and a small bag with the essentials, sitting in a garden one morning trying to adjust in the environment here, when I saw a group of humans running towards me, they came closer and then passed by and took another round of running. They completed 5 rounds like that and not even a single thing they were doing could explain me what was actually happening. Then they stopped under the shade and started making different shapes with their body, somebody was touching their own feet, somebody sat like they were sitting on a chair 'without a chair' (now I know it's called squat), somebody spread out their arms and started waving it around. I took the information about this from my planet and realised it is called jogging, exercising and yoga that they were doing. It sounded cool and then I made it part of my routine as well.

There are many other cool things I adapted to. Like:
  • Trying out different foods. Believe me, my taste buds are more experienced about food than I am about Earth. (I am sure many Humans would be like "Oh!!! Same here")
  • Taking pictures / selfies - Initially when I saw a couple smiling and looking at a gadget holding it in the air. The curious me went a little closer and saw what they were looking at. By the way, to no fault of my own, I was titled as photobomb. I didn't know what it meant when they looked back and said that to me but I did realise that seeking information from my planet for each and everything could be very embarrassing. That's when I started using Google. I thank Larry Page and Sergey Brin for this great creation and of course saving me from further embarrassment. 
  • Cleanliness and hygiene - Well, this was more of a necessity than something that I chose to adapt to. Our planet is abundant with resources especially because of technology hence we don't reuse majority of the stuff like utensils, clothes, stationary, shoes etc that humans here need. Once used it is sent for recycling hence there is no process of washing, brushing, ironing, etc. Our recycling process and manufacturing process is ultra fast. Our robots do this part and they get the recycled stuff and newly manufactured stuff back at where we need it without us having to search for it. Earth is way behind in all of this and I am super hygienic and cleanliness lover.
  • Learning different languages
  • Oh!!! the musical instruments - I like piano the best.
  • And many more.
Though many of my confusions were resolved over the years, but as they say, humans are best at confusing others and that's why are the most unpredictable creatures on earth. Humans (again for their own good reasons) say that this is what makes life interesting. Ok, I agree that it is interesting but I would rather say, maybe they are confused most of the times themselves and that's why they are unpredictable. Let me sketch out a few scenerios:
  • Teachings - All of them teach the same thing but under different names and then they fight over it.
  • Theories - Almost every theory on earth has an alternative theory to it and sadly everybody is proud of it.
  • Existential - They ignore it.
  • Non-Existential - They claim it exists and most of the times claim its ownership.
  • And many more.
Of all the so called "diverse" group of humans I have known, I like scientists the best. Why? Firstly, because even though they work on one theory and then any other alternative theory comes against their initial theory, it is supported by evidence and facts. Secondly, they don't declare 'war' against the person or a group who brought the alternative theory. They take it very positively and most of the times are happy to acknowledge those facts.

Update 2 - In my journey so far, all the things that I have seen, observed, learnt here on Earth have given me one clear picture. The potential that Humans have is getting lost in the population that is increasing day by day. Very few people are doing good and large number of people are not only doing bad but also interfering with people who are doing good. Sometimes I wonder about the words that were told to me when I was sent on earth "Go figure out whether you meet animals or humans" don't turn into sarcasm. Or wait... was it?


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