Journey - Part 1

Born on **** ***** ***** ****** (as I couldn't find the letters/numbers that we use on our planet on this keyboard, I am describing it as * in the similar format) but as per Gregorian calendar used on earth, my date of birth falls on 09 November (I think). For privacy, I would keep the name, distance and directions of my planet a secret. I know most of you don't believe in the aliens and neither did I until I turned 07 (as per earth years... I think) so I wouldn't blame you if you said so. But for your information, any galaxy where there is a sol like star, there is without a doubt, a presence of life.

Since the day I was born, my life pretty much revolved around the word "perfect" by default but then I learned to talk, learned to walk, learned to run, learned about work that our species do on our planet and then I learnt that the default "perfect" was just the honeymoon period of 07 years and then I had to work towards achieving "perfect". Then I was taught that it is not just our planet which is our home, in fact the whole Universe is our home, and once I am capable enough to traverse the other planets, I would be sent to a new place... Alone. You cannot say that to a 07 year old, can you? But they did. If you feel bad for me, then you have to feel bad for those as well who were sent to different galaxies. You can call it a culture of our planet. One of the most important things I learnt was that technology can make you capable of doing anything whether you want that thing or not. I didn't want to leave my place but our high tech world made me ready for it.

The funny part of our culture is that we are never told how a particular planet looks like, what happens there and what all things one can find there. All I had heard that my great great great great grandfather (relationship as you define on earth) was told "Go Meet the animals" when he was sent on this planet. My great great grandmother was told "Go meet the Neanderthals" and I was told "Go figure out whether you are meeting animals or Humans". 

My first landing on earth was in the ocean. Seeing the vastness of water around without the hint of any living being, the happiness that took over my mind was priceless. I thought, the planet has been submerged in the water and there is no life here now. I was hoping I would be called back. Of course, I didn't want to interact with anybody here and answer the plethora of questions. Secondly, I was scared of the unknown. Well, the list of reasons for not wanting to come here is too long but you are shared the top two.

"Landing confirmed", I called and confirmed to people on my planet. I was told to call them if I didn't know something. But until you don't know whether "something" exists or not, how would you know that you don't know about it. How crazy is that?  
"Good, now find a land and start your journey. Keep giving us the updates". Ok so there is a land. This is surely something I didn't want to know.

I used my ship as a submarine and travelled around the ocean. 
First species on this planet I saw - Fishes.
The diversity of those fishes astounded me. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.
As I approached the land, I saw birds flying. Again the different different birds. But unlike fishes, birds talked a lot. I still don't understand their language. But the sound and sight was beautiful. Even today when I see flock of birds, I feel very happy.
Then the next day I saw humans - a little human with a taller one. I understood the language. Little one called him "Dad". It was not just a sound but also the words I knew... something I was taught on my planet. Then I realised that it was decided by my people that I will be sent on Earth and that is why I was taught the things that I would need to know. 

Update 1 - Earth consists of water animals, land animals and Humans. But surprisingly, despite of so much of diversity in the water animals and land animals, it is Humans, who all look the same, claim to have diversity and are proud of it for their own good reasons. However, no matter what, I would any day vote for the diversity in the structures/forms rather than the diversity of thoughts... especially the "trained thoughts".


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