Earth Day... A Day That Redefines 'Individuality'

On the Earth day, I took the liberty of knowing humans' thoughts about the planet and the life that they live on it. I had a conversation with many 'individuals' and almost everybody was on the same page. I will talk about it more but let's first look at how that conversation went. 

(Below is the gist of answers I got)

Billei: Define Earth.
Human: A planet (the only planet, as what many people think) that sustains life. Our home in the Universe.

Billei: Define Yourself.
Human: (Format of answers from all the humans I spoke) My name is ....... I am ... years old. I live in......... and I am a professional/student working as /studying ..... and I like to......

Billei: What is individuality?
Human: A quality that distinguishes you from others... gives you and others a sense of feeling that you are different...

Billei: So can you say it like you are not a regular sheep.. but a different kind of sheep.. maybe with single horn on the forehead (that makes you look like a Unicorn) while your true character still remains a sheep?
Human: Uhhh.. Yeah kind of. But it's not always about the physical appearance. Your actions can also make you unique.

Billei: Do you think you have the quality that distinguishes you from the others?
Human: Everybody is Unique. It is just that we have to tap into that hidden Uniqueness of ours. Even I am trying to be so.

Billei: Why are you trying to be Unique?
Human: Because this is what makes you stand out in the crowd. If you are Unique, you would mostly be famous/rich/influencer for good reasons and/or the bad ones etc. Your voice is heard and your presence is valued.

(Now below are the answers from just one person...but the gist remains the same)

Billei: What are you willing to do to become famous/rich/influencer?
Human: Well, I am the vice president in one of the best multinational companies (spoiler: he is in one of the IT companies.. shhh) and I am willing to work hard to grow in my life so that I can give back to the society as much as I can.

Billei: When you say "work hard", what exactly do you mean? As far as I know, you are provided air conditioned car from the company to travel that uses fossil fuel to run on the road. Your whole office is air conditioned. You support automation and AI to reduce cost. Your business meetings happen in five star hotels where tons of food gets wasted and electricity is utilised irrelevantly. And don't even get me started on the work life balance of your employees.
Human: Well, it's not as bad as you think it is. You are provided all these luxuries to have a peace of mind. When you are at a higher position, you are constantly under pressure of handling a work properly, there is a mental exhaustion, you have to do justice to your position and in return, the things you mentioned help you stay at ease. Comfort is never a bad thing, making it a habit is. And frankly speaking, it all starts with you. If you are at ease, you will be able to take important decisions in the most effective way. You need to be fit and fine first to be able to take care of your family, your society and make people's life around you better.

Billei: Okay. That's good and convincing. So, define your true character:
Human: Uhh.. (wondering why this question.. and answered with raised eyebrows) True character would be a Human. A living being.

Billei: What do humans want the most? Not you, him or that lady human... I am talking about humans on a collective level?
Human: (he countered with sarcasm) Are you one of those people who talk about basic necessity of life that is "food", "clothes" and "shelter"?

Billei: No, I don't but really? Well, I am new to this and I don't know which people you are talking about? But what would be your answer to this?
Human: Hmm, ok... On a collective level, I would say that humans need oxygen to breathe, good food to eat and hygienic place to live. We all need a better life... don't we?

Billei: Do you think your multi-national company can give you this life?
Human: Of course.

Billei: Ahh!!! all this while I was thinking it is the Earth that sustains life. But I like your faith in your company. Let's order food.


I ended the conversation there. I had made my point. Hope he understood and would not fall prey to a cognitive dissonance. 

We all need to know that Earth day is not celebrated like birthdays, anniversaries etc (which are mostly celebrated to appreciate the moment or event) but it is the race to achieve individuality that has brought humans to a point where they felt a need of recognising the Earth Day. And just to be clear my human friends, everybody is not unique. Fact is, everybody 'wants' to be unique for the good and/or the bad reasons. 

Besides this, you want to know what's the other most complicated thing on this planet? It is a rush in the human mind to live a better 'life' that is disrupting one and the only thing that is the foundation of 'life'... The planet "Earth".

I hope somebody wakes up and turns the idea of "Being Unique" into "Being Unified".



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