What if Universe is Nothing but the Strongest Imaginations Manifesting...

In the silent night under the vast sky, close your eyes... no sound to distract... no breeze touching your skin. Feel the silence... the vastness turning into infinity. Let the patterns and colors keep flowing in your closed eyes... the orbs, the shimmering waves, the twinkling lights. Imagine how it would look like to be in such place. Take your mind up in the space. Think about Earth, Mars, Jupiter... all the eight planets... the solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, move beyond our home in the Universe... Imagine the Hubble sphere (the observable Universe)... move further beyond. Now wait right there for a second. Step back (breathe!!!). Now start rewinding this expansion of the Universe, keep rewinding it till you reach a small bright dot... a singularity that caused what we call; 'a beginning of the time', a beginning of the cosmos. Stop right there. Hold this thought. Now rewind it further, make that bright dot disappear. Enter the zone in your mind which is pitch dark.. no shimmering waves or twinkling lights... nothing to feel.... nothing to look at. Now imagine how it would feel like to be in such space.


Now watch each of the known theories about formation of Universe as if they are playing on one slide after another. Let me help you with few of them...

First Slide - Big Bang Theory: Widely accepted one. Takes you 13.7 billion years back. Shows that through gravitational fluctuation, Universe came into existence from a singularity that contained all the matter with infinite density and intense heat. When the Big Bang happened, the extreme high energy radiated from that singularity and stretched all across space. The expansion was so rapid that everything became less dense and cooled down.

Second Slide - Steady State Universe: Shows continuous creation of matter suggesting that Universe looks the same from every location within it and has no beginning or end.

Third Slide - Oscillating Universe: Though does not deny the Big Bang but suggests that there may have been many big bangs. 

Fourth Slide - Chaotic Inflation: Denies the theory that whole Universe was created at the same time and suggests that it was not a single event but rather an irregular inflation which has been continuing since then; forming new Universes what we call 'multiverse' where laws of physics may change in each of them.

Fifth Slide - Flat Hologram: Quantum gravity and string theory suggests that maybe Universe is nothing but a flat hologram. What appears as a 3D is actually contained in a 2D surface.

Sixth Side - Simulation: This is my favorite. This theory suggests that maybe Universe is nothing but a digital simulation running on a huge computer. 

You see how the imaginations have manifested the Universe in different forms over a period of time. The best part is to observe the trend that started from making the Universe appear as something so tangible to something which is just... an illusion.

Now let's come out of these mind boggling slides. Come back to the state of nothingness... a pitch dark infinite space. This feels more comfortable to the mind right? Let's stay here for a while and think if you have to look from your perspective, how would you like to see the Universe (apart from these theories)? Give it a try. You never know, your imagination may manifest too. As far as I am concerned, I believe we are yet to reach a point where we would begin to understand how it all started. We see a gift but we are yet to unwrap it, open it and see what's in there. It is difficult (though not impossible) to understand something that has been there for billions of years by collating the theories we have arrived at in just a matter of few hundred years. I believe that if we want to resolve our quest of Unified Theory of Everything then instead of understanding the phenomena at microscopic and macroscopic level as per what makes sense to us, we need to deep dive further, axing out all the alternatives that may arrive. We need to look at the Universe from Universe's point of view. I wonder how it would feel like if we deep dive into the laws of Universe only to find out that there is no law at all.

Till now we have seen many brilliant minds manifesting the Universe. But that has led to many alternative theories as well. So what is the real picture of Universe after all? Do we even know the picture of Earth? There is a flat earth society out there for God's sake. Would we ever come to know the reality or is there even a reality? Well, I don't like imagining the part where it ends with "Maybe we'll never know". So I want to keep that hope intact by this closing statement... "The sooner we know the better."


Random conversation with Billei:

Human: Then even I have one hypothesis. Maybe we are in one of the big black holes moving further and further away from its edge.
Billei: hmm... I am glad you called it a hypothesis.

Human: Why did you say Simulation theory is your favorite?
Billei: Hello? Would you look at me?


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