Speak Your Heart Out... Or Maybe Not.

To be honest, I have always taken the side of people who speak what they feel until I have had my very own share of experiences on earth. Like, listening to astrologer predicting my future, reading Trump's tweets, watching drunk people talking their heart and mind out, just to name a few. It started getting weirder and weirder when I had experiences of people talking to me about their fear of retaliation because they spoke about something they were not supposed to say. 

So, why there is a fear after all? Why is it that some people are open about there feelings and some are not? Why is it that some people hide their true self and some don't.

After having a lot of discussion with different humans on earth, I found out the answer.

and the biggest culprit of this fear is "Emotions" which get hardwired in your neurons from the time you are born and it continues forever since then. Unfortunately, this hardwiring is done by different humans which make a child adapt to that one innate personality behaviour attached to one particular emotion which is extremely difficult to change. But luckily, it can be changed provided they explore the life on their own.

Well, the discussion helped me find four most available innate personality behaviors on this planet which includes people who:

A.) Say what they feel: What's there in the mind, it's there on the tongue. Such people are very impulsive and don't bother about what the other person will think. It includes people who are carefree or have reached a point where they don't care anymore or the ones who feel they are in a safe zone when they speak their heart out.

B.) Think before saying what they feel but eventually say it: such people hold their thoughts and let them get processed in their brain. Mostly they do it out of concern towards others because they put other's persons feelings first and then respond accordingly. They are mostly the ones who let go of the things but keep it in their heart and spill their guts when they reach the extremity of an emotion.

C.) Too diplomatic to say what they feel: “we know we don’t get along with each other but let’s just pretend in public that everything is okay” is what summarises diplomatic people. It is not so easy to be one but once you develop this trait in yourself, you would either start loving yourself or would start hating yourself.

D.) Silent Sufferers: sad truth that such people are facing all kind of storms within them but pretend that happiness is right around the corner. They don’t have much of a say in things happening in the world as they don’t consider themselves a part of it. But that’s like running away from the reality my friends. Remember...we are all connected.

So, who is right?

Frankly speaking, I don't know because people are what they are because of their life experiences. But I did find out one hard fact about whether you should speak your heart out in today's world or not:

You can, if:
  • You have the collective consensus from many people who have got your back (like #MeToo or #TimesUp movement which by the way has my support too) OR
  • You are at certain position where retaliation cannot reach anywhere near you OR
  • You are saying things through the fake accounts on social media (oops... not to name any) OR
  • You are using social media account in your real name provided above two points are also applicable on you.
  • You have the ability to spend money like water like you can control the organizations or people. 

You cannot, if:
  • You are against collective consensus of people who are supporting a cause or any movement OR
  • You are working for someone who is at a certain position where retaliation cannot reach anywhere near him or her but can retaliate at will OR
  • You don't have any fake social media account OR
  • You have account in your real name but you are falling in the above two points OR
  • You are on the side of someone only because he/she is a cash cow for you.

Well, this is what I have learnt here so far. But it does not make you wrong if you are right about a certain thing, but sometimes you cannot speak up because of many other right reasons around it and on the other side, it does not make you right if you are wrong on a certain thing, and majority is supporting you and speaking in your favor. So, now I know that I would not be always taking side of people who speak what they feel because they may not always be true... I would just have to find the balance somewhere in supporting the given personality behaviors.


Random conversation with Billei:

Human: When you say emotions are hardwired by others, does that mean emotions are taught?
Billei: I would rather use the word 'developed' instead of taught. Kids grow up in an environment built by their friends and family under which those kids form their belief system. Those beliefs  have emotions attached to them that frame their mind accordingly.

Human: So what do we do? Every individual on this planets holds a certain belief and ultimately makes them posess one of the above personality behaviours found out by you.
Billei: Correct, but personality can be changed right? As you move on in the life's journey exploring the unknown, your belief system also evolves. You need to be flexible in your approach towards looking at life. Know that every human being on this planet hopes for a moment where they can say "happy to know" at the end of the Unknown. Is it possible that we always end up having "happy to know" moment? I guess not. But we can always find the right moment to express our emotions.


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