WEF 2018 - Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World

If someone asks about the 'much needed' thing in this world, I believe this theme of the World Economic Forum 2018 wins the best answer of all time. It has, in the most beautiful way, summarised the current scenario of the world that for the first time, has not scared us but in fact, motivated us to believe that we still have time to heal our world provided we unify our goals and objectives and reach a mutual consensus for the betterment of individuals, societies, countries and the world that awaits a silver lining amid clouds of corruption, terrorism, racism, pollution and not to mention polluted politics.

Whether it is a child who is struggling with the fights within, seeing what is going on around; 
or a Gen Z and a  early millennial who is growing up stumbling, falling and learning to get up on their own; finally realising that they have to fight their own battles; 
or a grown up person who while going through the different phases of life; turns out to be strong, devastated, irritated, determined, stubborn, hopeless, rebel all at the same time just because he comes to terms with life knowing that this is what life is all about and it turns out to be "just okay" for most of us, 
they all somewhere at the back of their mind know what this world needs and how it can be achieved but they fail to recognise it in all the mess occupying their thoughts.

Then how do we reach a point where we can create a shared future when everyone is stuck in their own world, not even sure about their own future? For me, the most important basic ingredient required for the solution of this problem is "Education that promotes long term and short term  visions". Believe my words, a child in his early age (2-5 year old) is the most responsible human in this whole world. If you tell a child that you are going through a certain problem, he would try to resolve it, no matter how silly their solution is. If you tell a child that the world needs help, he would imagine himself to be a superhero who saves the world. Their imagination may not be achievable at their level but atleast you set the momentum for them causing them to think and come up with the ways to make this world a better place to live in.

The short term vision needs to involve the following things:
  • Gender equality - Men, Women, Transgenders... every living being on this planet, I reiterate, every living being on this planet has a right to live their life happily without any fear of getting bullied, abused, harassed or face any kind of torture. It's not hard to spread happiness and keep your surroundings lively. Everyone wants it and everyone deserves it. You too.
  • Multicultural environment - If you have not experienced how it feels to live in a cosmopolitan place, you have not lived well enough. The true cultural values are developed in the multicultural environment.
  • Tolerance - Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or someone from a different religion than yours; deserves as much respect as you do. Let's not make anyone feel otherwise. This is one of the most humble things you can do in the 70-80 years of life that you have got. And if you get to live after 80 years, understand that the tolerance in people is something that will hold your hand.
In other words, this vision is a short term investment which would help us become responsible towards each other and if the moral values and cultural values are properly taught to the young generation, it would reap huge profits in a very short period of time.

On the other hand, the long term vision needs our urgent focus on the following things:
  • Sustainable Development - It's very well known now that the earth demands the use of renewable energy to achieve sustainable development because there is no such thing as effective utilisation of non renewable resources. Carbon Trading and the enforcing laws on it cannot be called sustainable development. Transforming from lights to solar lights, gasoline to electric cars are some of the examples that help in achieving sustainable development.
  • Efficient Technological Advancement - When it comes to technology and its growth, there is no such thing as "enough". However, one should understand that change should always be for better. Like it is always better to have a habitable smart world for humans than having a HiTech world taken over by Artificial Intelligence. 
  • Globalisation that promotes healthy trade and investment - Trade and investment between countries is not a new thing. Globalisation is being adopted at a fast pace but the controlling measures behind it to keep it healthy is what makes the economy of the participating countries prosper.
This long term investment would help us become responsible towards the environment. If the policies and frameworks are properly implemented around this then you have booked the profit which may not be visible early but it will not play hide and seek in the far future for sure (20-30 years is my best guess).

To achieve the short term and long term visions, parents, leaders, mentors and teachers play a very important role. They have to serve these visions to a child on a plate and let them choose what interests them the most and then let them work upon it. Yes, this trigger would suffice. 
Now, for the child, we can say that we can start educating them on the above visions but the catch here is that not everyone in this world is a child. What about the remaining ones as described above? the millennials and the grown ups... the ones who have started building or already built their own world which has somehow become comfortable for them. Asking them to come out of it and change their vision which was knowingly passed onto them by the society (like intolerance, focus on earning money, their status, only their God, only their religion, only themselves) would be like shattering the ground beneath their feet on which their whole belief system is built upon... it would be like asking them to start all over again which every single human is scared of... yes!!! starting all over again. 

So this is my advice to all those humans - you are not alone. 99% of the population in this world feels the same way and the remaining 1% of global elites who are capable of helping have already started their journey on the path of "Shared Future" for the better world and those who are still thinking would eventually kneel down in front of the demands of the nature. And besides this, it's never too late to learn and educate yourself. You might even realise that you need not necessarily have to start all over again, you just need to change the course of action. Educated minds have done wonders in the past and will always be capable of doing that. Read books, listen to the self made millionaires/billionaires and most importantly, travel. Travelling helps generating ideas, it puts you under the exposure of knowledge and wisdom, it allows you to explore different cultures, you learn to value each other, and you would understand that life is not about being "just okay". There is much more to this world then what you know and what you have been taught.


Random conversation with Billei:

Human: Do you think looking at the current political situation, shared future is possible?
Billei: Yes, I would like to believe so. Because its responsibility does not only lie in the hands of political leaders. This world has many other great people who are working very hard day in and day out to make this world a better place. I believe they will win.

Human: I wonder if I will be alive by the time this world becomes a better place?
Billei: You are alive now. How about you take some initiatives by yourself? A sense of satisfaction in contributing towards making this world a better place is always the best feeling than just witnessing something great to happen.


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