Brain is One of the Busiest Organs and... it is the Laziest One!!!

If you are choosing to ignore this fact right now, it is because your lazy brain is asking you to do so. And if you are intrigued by this fact, then you are fighting that laziness. (High Five!!!)

I know you must be wondering how brain can be busiest and laziest at the same time?
What can I say? This is how intricate a human mind is. (see the tractography of human brain in the picture below. How elegantly complex it looks. Courtesy: Wikipedia)

To be clear, as per the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, brain is the second busiest organ after liver based on its REE (Resting Energy Expenditure). You can read about it here. Ok, so objectively, we can say it is correct but subjectively; it is not and it can be proved looking at some brilliant inventions that are the outcome of this laziness like Self Stirring Coffee Mug (really?), Battery Operated Toothbrush (ok.. what's up with that?), Frozen Food (fine!!! I get it), Toaster (acceptable), Dish Washer (highly acceptable), Auto Correct Option in phone (Savior) and many more...

Many thoughtful humans counter me saying that it's not laziness, these are the time saving ideas. Okay!!! first of all I did say "brilliant inventions" so I am not denying the good part and secondly, don't tell me it's a time saving idea unless you have done some really great invention by "saving time" and most importantly, remember that Robots are going to save a lot of time too.

Coming to proving my point on a subjective level, let's ponder upon the below points:
  1. Is your alarm set on snooze?
  2. Do you spend a lot of time scrolling down the Facebook / Instagram posts?
  3. Do you order food too often?
  4. Or as simple as, "Do you procrastinate on little things that you do everyday? (like folding clothes, making your bed, leaving a thing on the floor to pick it up later especially if it is is beyond your easy access etc.)
  5. Or Focusing only on the bold and highlighted words in the paragraphs like how you are doing right now.
  6. Or not focusing on two "is" in the 4th point.
Now to keep the reputation of the brain intact, many of the humans defend the above points by saying sophisticated things like:

  1. It happens because our brain decides what it considers important and what not, which is termed as "Selectivity".
  2. Our brain tends to focus on the things which gives it "feel good" factor and not the one that makes you squint your eyes which is termed as "Cognitive ease".
  3. Or things like Cognitive Biases and many more explanations... but it all filters down to one word that is "laziness" which the brain is so addictive to and puts you in your tempting comfort zone. 

But this is the zone that makes you less attentive to details and impacts your cognitive skills (which by the way, is extremely important for humans to have in the current environment that they are living in). Not to mention, this laziness is the reason of Déjà Vu and Baader-Meinhof phenomenon.

We don't realize it but our brain is very efficient in patterning itself based on what we do in our day to day life. How we start our day sets a momentum to it which in turn sets a momentum to our life. If ignored, it can have some serious consequences. Not trying to understand the rationale behind things is why humans face events like riots, racism, electing the wrong leader by getting carried away with false popularity etc. and the sad part is that those majority of humans are not even gaining anything out of it but surely are giving advantage to a few.

So, make your choice now. It's either Comfort Zone (let your brain rule you over) OR Better Life (constantly challenge your brain).

Random conversation with Billei:

Human: Hey Billei, what do we do to fight this laziness?
Billei: Hmm... Be Curious, Eat Healthy and Stop Over Thinking.

Human: Hey this contradicts your statement. How brain can over think and be lazy at the same time? Ideally, if it's lazy, it should not be thinking anything right?
Billei: My human friend, just like how being still and doing nothing are two different things, for  brain as well, being lazy and thinking nothing are very two different things. Believe it or not, over-thinking makes your brain lazy because it triggers fear and anxiety which in turn makes you want to stay in your comfort zone.

Human: I wonder what will happen if everybody became curious...
Billei: Wow, I never thought from your (cunning) point of view. If everybody became curious, imagine the competition that all the -ists and -ians would be facing on this highly populated planet.

Human: You are right. So let everyone remain in their comfort zone.
Billei: Ok!!! But you are not invited on my planet. 😝


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