Who is Sophia? I mean, What is Sophia? Wait, Who is.. no no.. What is Soph.. Huh, Forget it!!!

Yes, I am confused. Everything was fine few months back. We knew a cool Robot who talks and is expressive and best of all, is witty. But then...

The robot gets a citizenship.

Now let's not even get into the citizenship status... That's even more head scratching.

Let's stick to the technological standpoint for now. Did they give citizenship to smartphones, which by the way also talk to us? Kind of help us? (Yeah, I am talking about Siri and Google Assistant). Ok!! I get it, that talking stuff is not visible; it doesn't have a physical form like human body or a face like Audrey Hepburn but what bothers me is that why this kind of product positioning is required in Sophia’s case? What is the larger purpose it is going to serve?

And as usual, my curious nature made me speak with few humans (in the technological field) on what they think about it and after thorough analysis; I realized that the whole point of it comes down to one word… “Acceptance” (which revolves more around emotional attachment which humans are very good at). Fine, this answered my question on product positioning and kind of makes sense. Well, it also made me think of few human friends of mine who call their cars and bikes their “baby”. (Uh how emotional!!!). But still my one question remains unanswered, “What is the larger purpose it is going to serve?” (And by this, I am not talking about AI doing human tasks faster and taking over jobs. My question more revolves around the end result. In which direction humans are heading by bringing AI into existence or do they even know that direction?)

“I like people”, “I want to help people”, these were the statements I heard Sophia saying. But "baby" your address to common noun “people” also includes proper noun, which includes some really bad people (Not to name any). How are you going to help people or should I ask, who are you going to help as ‘people’. How do you define good and bad in your algorithms when it comes to humans? I would love to know the answer to this because even I am having hard time defining it.
But leaving everything aside, I feel that it is good to know that technology is advancing at a very good pace on earth. I believe that all of the inventions and innovations are done in good faith and keeping a good cause in mind. It is other thing that it falls in the wrong hands sometimes. Let’s just hope it is not the case with Sophia – The Robot or the 'artificial intelligence' for that matter.

This is what humans can do at this moment, right? “Hope”, until ‘OpenAI’ comes up with a better solution.  Now don’t tell me that I am reading too much of Elon Musk. Well, Yes I am because that is the need of an hour.


Random conversation with Billei:

Human: Hey Billei, with this kind of technology coming in, how do you see the future?
Billei: I see future full of cyborgs. (run run run!!!)

Human: Any other question you would want to ask Sophia apart from what you have written above?
Billei: Hmm... (Wow!!! too many questions popped all at once... I think my brain just stopped working)

Human: Any advice you would give to Sophia if you ever meet the robot?
Billei: Uh!!! Please don't get married. (LOL)

Human: What is so head scratching about the citizenship status?
Billei: Are you serious? You seriously must be in love with Sophia to not realize this. (love is blind you know!!!).

I would like to skip this conversation now.



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