What is "Right"?

Who would have known that this little five-letter word - "Right", that justifies itself could make life so complicated.

This is where my journey started… to know what is “Right”? And since no man is an island, I could not figure it out on my own. So I approached humans to know their thoughts about it and surprisingly I found different results but surprisingly, in a pattern which was based on what type of human was answering my question. If you are excited to know, below are the results:

(Please note that to keep the anonymity of the respondents, results are categorized as ‘type of respondents’ and the gist of their ‘answers’).

Practical Humans: As soon as the question was hit, their eyes slightly turned towards right. They waved their right hand in the air and said, “This is right”.
Some of them smirked at the question and finally gave the same reply and some rolled their eyes from left to right and guess what? they too gave the same reply.

Theoretical Humans: Anything that we do on a day-to-day basis that ultimately leads to a better life is “Right”

Ok so what defines better life?
Well, theoretical people always leave you with more questions, so lets move on.

Political Humans: Preserving the social order and achieving economic freedom even if it requires authority and moving beyond equality is “Right”

Impulsively, all of them defined “Left” too.
Note: Respondents were defining the right and left wings in politics. Some of them were in support of “Right wing” and some of them supported the opposite.

Philosophical Humans:  Here I want to specifically quote one answer, “The idea of defining “Right” is very compelling and difficult at the same time. You cannot define right without wrong. We need both”.

And in a gist, we got the response as: Right defines true nature of humanity. Fact is that everyone knows what is right but the comforting and dazzling “wrong” blinds them.

Well, if theoretical people leave you with more questions, philosophical people leave you with confusion.

Hey!!! I like philosophical people… it’s just that they don’t get along with me.

Diplomatic Humans: The answer was more in the lines of… “It sounds like a vague question. Could you be more specific?”

If you get into a discussion with diplomatic people, there is no point of return.

Rebellion Humans: “Right” is Justice. “Right” is Freedom. Well, rebellions had a lot to say but in gist the above two words pretty much define their point of view.
I had a fun exploring the definition but I could not find the satisfied answer so I stopped asking further. More the human types, more will be the differences. I am not saying their responses were wrong but it felt incomplete.

However, I did realize one thing that there is something Right and Wrong for everybody and in such a small world with such a high population having vast differences in opinions, how do we arrive at a mutual consensus? How do we make someone realize that their right is not right? And besides that, how do we make sure that our right is right? Maybe that can never happen. Some humans might say that this is what makes life very adventurous. Really? Talk to me when you find someone negating your point of view on which your whole belief system is built upon or try to negate someone’s belief and tell me how likely you are to love that adventure.

I wonder what will happen when I start exploring the definition of “God”.

But I did take the last shot and went to other and unique type of humans.

Me: What would you say is right?

Kid Humans (Aged between 4-6 who are yet to get brainwashed and influenced by these worldly affairs): Things that make us happy. (Though their happiness revolved around No School, No Homework, Ice Cream, Holidays, Imaginary Friend… I somehow liked the answer.) One kid even said “Outer Space” and he had me.

This finally brought me to the conclusion that "Ignorance is Bliss".

Just kidding, I did have a really good realization which brought me to the conclusion that there are some answers that can never be found. You can only find the opinions. Especially, when it comes to knowing what is right; only time can tell. I wish I could ask this question to "time" but the problem is that it doesn't talk, it just shows.


Random conversation with Billei:

Human: Hey Billei, you like to know about latest technology right? Artificial Intelligence is the hot topic these days. So what’s your take on AI?

Billei: Well, I feel that there is going to be something “Right” as per AI too.



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