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Nature Inspired Innovators - Competition to win $100,000

Who says opportunity knocks only once? 
Here is your chance again to help create a sustainable world. If you have an innovative idea that is inspired by nature, apply for the Ray of Hope Prize Competition.
Winner will be awarded $100,000 (equity-free)  Entry open till 31 December 2019.
Past Winners: 2017: NextLoop - designs products and systems to collect and integrate in situ atmospheric water sources into sustainable and affordable urban food production, inspired by spiders, ice plants, and mycorrhizal fungi.
2018: Nucleario - a biomimetic company that offers a smarter, cheaper, and faster approach for large-scale forest restoration by reducing seedling maintenance. Inspired by winged seeds, bromeliads, and forest leaf litter, the Nucleário Planting System eliminates the need for irrigation, herbicides, and pesticides.
Read more information here about the competition -

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