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Language - A bridge or a barrier?

Of all the things that people are fighting over on this planet, the most astonishing and mind boggling fight to me is about language.
So as usual, my curious mind took me out to search for an explanation. Most people said that humans consider their language a part of their own cultural heritage and want to protect it.  To me, it looks like fear of mortality is so ingrained in humans that they will try to find anything that they can make immortal... language in this case. But the most genuine answer that I could get was when someone said; it is a big influential tool. The impact that I can make on my native people by using my native language cannot be done by using any other language. If English is the native language for both of us then it would be far easier for me to influence you using English rather than Greek or Hindi or Spanish.
This helped me understand the requirement of promoting a language within the community but what remained unanswered was why would someone who let's…

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