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Happy Fourth of July!!!

I am not from America (if you know what I mean!!!) but oh boy!!! it's a fourth of July... Do I want to shout "Happy Independence Day"?... out loud?... Yes!!! I Do.

Finland might be the happiest country in the world but believe it or not there is something electrifying about America.. there is something electrifying about the word "American". Papua New Guinea may be the most diverse country in the world but nothing can beat the diversity of thoughts and ideas that Americans hold. China may be the most populous country in the world, but have you seen the crowded life of America? (and I am so not talking about Wyoming). America, a country that always attracts brilliant minds who eat, drink and breathe only one thing... how they can change the world?
From the Declaration of Independence to Donald Trump... this country has paved a long way to different versions of Independence and not to mention, it has played an extremely significant role in this fast changing wor…

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