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Forget about Earth… It’s the World that is Flat!!

I am talking about one of those moments in your life; when you believe it in your heart that you have a strong point about something but you still can’t prove it. Either you have tried everything or you know there is nothing you can do about it. My friend, John (let’s call him by this name) recently had such moment in his life and he shared this story with me when we were arguing about whether earth is flat or it is round. There is one thing about such arguments… you may not come to the conclusion but you definitely get some kind of revelation that is completely unrelated to the topic.
John, a lazy guy who has a hobby (he loves gardening), works 9 to 5 and listens to music like it is the solution to all the problems. Well, in a nutshell, he is just like every other human. There is nothing so special about him but what I found special was the story that he told me about his nephew who came over to his place for two days. That 6 year old had mastered the art of talking while looking down…

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