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World’s Wild Web… and it’s not a typo error

Could there be a better time for me to be on this planet? I don’t think so. Coming from the planet where everything is so much in sync and organized; to a planet that is so mind bogglingly chaotic. Believe me, I am saying this in a good faith of Earth. Well, at least for me it is.
Organized is boring, being ‘in sync’ is boring (maybe that’s why they broke up.. pun intended).. Look at this world from my eyes; you will realize how fascinating it is; (by the way… fascinating is the new confusing… I learnt it when I was at an art exhibition the other day and this guy in a suit with his girlfriend by his side looked at this abstract painting that had two white horizontal lines on the colorful background and said.. “Wow!!! How fascinating!!!)
So here is what I find fascinating… On one side, you see people who give facts about earth being round and on the other side; there are people who have created a flat earth society. You will find people who are extremely concern about global warming a…

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